Ayurveda can relieve migraine and back pain. Here’s how.

Ayurveda is a genre of medicine that has several amazing properties that are downright unmatched by other modern fields of medicine like allopathy, etc. By using Ayurvedic medicines, one can remedy and cure several ailments and diseases that one may be facing in their life.

Ayurveda is an alternate field of medicine that has evolved over the years in the Indian sub-continent and employs the usage of herbs, plants, and other naturally occurring materials to treat the various ailments that humans have faced since time immemorial. Some of the main benefits of Ayurveda lie in the fact that they aren’t just economical when compared to modern medicines but do not cause any major side effects as well.

Here, we will be taking a look at the procedures involved in the ayurvedic treatment for migraine and the ayurvedic treatment for back-pain. So, let’s start.

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine.

A migraine is a form of headache that is caused by the excessive stimulation of blood vessels. This is a pretty common occurrence in the modern world, and almost one out of every 10 people suffer from this condition. The primary factors that cause migraine are learned to be stress, anxiety, anger, indigestion, poor eating habits, etc.

Fortunately, ayurvedic treatment for migraine works like a charm, and here are some procedures that you can follow to ease your migraine and other headaches.

  • Shirolepa and Shiro Dhara are one of the best ayurvedic procedures that one can use to ease migraine woes. Shirolepa involves applying a paste of camphor, sandalwood, and jatamansi on the part of the head that is experiencing acute pain, while Shirodhara involves pouring a warm medicated fluid or ayurvedic oils on the forehead for a specific period. These help in easing the headache immensely.
  • There are several herbs and natural ingredients that can prove to be extremely effective against migraine. Bala, Kumari, Mallika, Haritaki, etc. when mixed in appropriate quantities, can yield amazing results against migraine and other forms of headaches.
  • If you are someone who doesn’t possess the requisite skills and knowledge to formulate the treatments at home, you can opt for pre-made ayurvedic treatment for migraine as well. Chandrakala rasa, Kamadugha rasa, Bhoonimbadi kadha, etc. are ayurvedic cures that can be effectively used against migraine, and one can source these as pre-made as well.
  • There may be cases wherein you may not be able to visit a certified ayurvedic practitioner or a store to collect the remedies. Well, for such situations, there are a few home remedies that you can try out. You can use an ice pack to massage your temples, and that should provide instant relief from the pain at hand. Alternatively, giloy can be consumed with raw honey to ease the migraine pain as well.
  • You can even insert a mixture of saffron and ghee into your nostrils, which would also provide relief from the pain. Alternatively, you can use sandalwood, black pepper, rice, etc. as well to cure migraine pain.

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine can work wonders if used in the correct method. If you are familiar with the concepts and knowledge of ayurvedic, you can easily carry out the aforementioned procedures at home itself, or you can even opt to visit a certified ayurvedic practitioner to get the treatments done, and experience relief like never before.

Now, let us look at the ayurvedic procedures one can employ to treat back pain.

Ayurvedic treatment for back-pain

Well, back pain isn’t a disease as such, and is caused by a wide variety of factors that one might encounter daily. There are various reliefs and cures under Ayurved that one can use to alleviate pain like no other. First, let us take a look at some of the common triggers of back pain.

  • Diseases or injuries to the bones, muscles, etc. that are sustained due to some accident or physical activity.
  • Pregnancy can be a common cause of back pain as well, due to the strain that it inflicts.
  • Bone infections and diseases, although uncommon, can cause back pain as well.

These are some of the causes of back pain. Now, let us take a look at some of the most effective ayurvedic treatment for back-pain.

  • Abhyanga is a common ayurvedic massage that is used to ease back pain. In this procedure, a trained Ayurved masseuse would use medicated and warm oils to relieve the pain, and the relief caused would be simply magical.
  • Kati Basti is an ayurvedic procedure that employs the use of heated medicinal oils as well to relieve the issue of back pain as well.
  • Nadi Sweda is a steaming procedure that aims to open up the sweat pores and relieve the pain by eliminating the toxins. This therapy improves blood circulation as well.

The aforementioned trio is just a few among the many ayurvedic treatment for back-pain that you can avail of.

Final take:

Ayurveda is a field of medicine that is regaining traction in the modern day and age, and people are gradually coming around to realise it’s amazing healing properties. If you are looking to get ayurvedic treatment for back-pain done, it is suggested that you visit a certified ayurvedic practitioner for the best healing results there are.

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