Types of Walnut Wood Used for Cabinets

Walnut Kitchen Cabinet

You might have heard about walnut cabinets for the kitchen. But you might not know is there are different types of walnut wood that are used to make kitchen cabinets. Each walnut wood comes with its own unique properties, looks, and characteristics.

So, before you choose walnut cabinets for your kitchen, you should take a look at the different types of walnut woods available.

1.English Walnut Wood

English walnut wood is collected from the trees, which are the most common source of edible walnuts. Often it is known as French Walnut or Circassian Walnut. These trees are largely districted throughout Eastern Europe and Western Asia. They might grow 35m long and generally grows around 2m wide. English walnut can be an expensive type of walnut. This is the reason it is primarily seen in the veneer form only.

The color of this wood might range from dark chocolate brown to pale brown. However, based on the drying methods, it can have traces of various colors. At times, you will notice reddish or grey touch. When it is used for modern walnut cabinets can be moderately durable.

2.Claro Walnut Wood

It is also called California Black walnut and is closely related to Black walnut wood. Originally, it is found in Oregon and California. Generally, the trees are up to 1.5m wide and the color can be anywhere betweena darker shade of brown to light brown. Nevertheless, grafting claro Walnut trees that have English walnut can produce wood that hasmulti-coloured streaks close to the grafting point. But as other walnut wood, it is susceptible to insect attacks. Moreover, they are highly resistant to decay.

3.Black Walnut Wood

Black walnut wood is quite popular as walnut kitchen cabinets. They are also preferred by woodworkers. Not only are this wood strong but also easy to work with. Black walnut wood is secured from trees, which are widely distributed in the eastern US and grow up to 37m in length.

The color of Black walnut ranges from dark chocolate brown and pale yellow. Nevertheless, its sapwood is generally pale grey-yellow to white in color. The wood is highly durable but is susceptible to insect attacks.

4.Bastogne Walnut

Bastogne walnut is an outcome of the cross-pollination of claro walnut and English walnut. The experiment led to a new breed, Bastogne. It grows much faster than the parent plants and offers strong lumber. However, the quantity and quality of walnuts are nowhere close to the ones that are produced by English or claro walnut.

5.Peruvian Walnut Wood

Another wood that is used for natural walnut cabinets is Peruvian walnut wood. However, it doesn’t come from Peru. As a matter of fact, the trees are distributed across central and southern Mexico. The trees are generally 9-18m tall. They are largely famous among hardwood dealers or woodworkers.

The color is a little darker than the other types of walnut. It is deep chocolate brown in color. So, if you don’t want your cabinets to look dirty, you use them instead of light walnut kitchen cabinets.

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